A semi-automatic winding machine for flexible, foamed plastic rolls and PE foil. Cassettes with rotary knives, mounted on a guide, allow precise calibration of the material width to be rewound. This machine rewinds a roller with a specified winding length, after which it automatically changes the roller to a new one and continues to rewind the new roller. 

UNISTAR engineers designed the machine with an innovative stress reduction system, which means that the life of the machine and the winding rollers can be extended. 

Technical specification
Material type
  • PE foam
  • XPE foam
  • Bubble wrap
  • PE foil
Max material size - width 1500 mm
Max material size - height 15 mm
Max weight of a rewound roll 100 kg
Max diameter of a rewound roll 1400 mm
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) 3525 / 2770 / 1705 mm
Machine weight 1650 kg
Installed power 3,5 kW
Operating pressure 5 bar
Roll removal


Trimming of margins Yes - automatic
Operational mode online / offline