UNIPRIME CMZ is a machine dedicated to automatic sealing of 3d polyethylene foam packages. The automated gripper transfers the material from the workplace to the heating plate and then connects each individual part together. Two level workstations allow the maximum use of the machine's potential and significantly reduce the production time. By using a needle gripper, it is not necessary to design individual tools for each product type: one tool - for all products. Our software allows you to save the device's memory and load the same packaging at the next production. The used centralized lubrication system improves durability of the components. These all is setting on 15" HD touch screen.

The machine is equipped with intelligent safety systems that minimise the risk of errors and the risk of injury to the operator.

Technical specification
Number of workstation 1
Work table - length 1200 mm
Work table - width 800 mm
Max product height 200 mm
Operating pressure 4 bar
Maximum operating speed - X axis gripper 2000 mm/s
Maximum operating speed - Y axis gripper 1000 mm/s
Maxium operating speed - Z axis gripper 430 mm/s
Heating power 40 kW
Drive power 7,5 kW
Central lubrication system Yes - selected parts
Components manufacturers HIWIN, EATON, SIEMENS, ESTUN, METALWORK


EC 2006/42

EC 2014/35

EC 2014/30


EN ISO 12100

EN ISO 14120

EN 60204-1

EN ISO 13849-1

EN ISO 13850

EN ISO 13857

EN ISO 4414