UNIPRIME® CMZ it's only machine on the market to splitting and calibrating all types of foamed plastics like PE foam, PP, XPE, EVA and other more. There are installed two cutting units - one with band knife to split soft materials and second with tooth saw to split hard materials like polypropylene foam. This solution provides versatility in machine using.

Automatic vacuum table movement and automatic knife/saw height adjustment to cutted layer, makes machine automated, where operator work is only take off cutted sheets. 

Machine may be expanded in additional industry robot for taking off cutted sheets, making this machine full automated and work costs limited to minimum.







Splitting hard foamed plastics
Semi-automated work
High cutting quality
Minimum layer thickness - 1mm


Splitting soft foamed plastics
Full automated work*
High cutting precision, +/-0,5mm thickness tollerance
Constantly sharp knife due to automatic built-in sharpener
Technical specification
  CRH-1200H2 CRH-1200H10b CRH-1200H10z
Cutting units amount 2 1 1
Band knife type band knife + tooth saw band knife tooth saw
Input sheet length (min / max) 1000mm / 2800mm 1000mm / 2800mm 1000mm / 2800mm
Input sheet width (min / max) 400mm / 1200mm 400mm / 1200mm 400mm / 1200mm
Input sheet thickness (min / max) 10mm / 200mm 10 / 1000mm 10 / 1000mm
Max process speed 300 mm/s 300 mm/s 300 mm/s
Installed electrical power (max) 27,2 kW 23,1 kW 23,0 kW