UNIGREEN K06 is a machine for contact welding sheets and forms made of foamed polyethylene. The machine makes it possible to obtain packaging composed of several layers up to a total height of 300 mm. The machine produces incrementally with automatic welding by adding successive layers to the base layer. During the work cycle, the surface of bottom layer is melted by heating plate and next press to the base layer. The use of two working tapes in the construction of the machine on which the needle gripper can weld the material allows for high efficiency, even with a significant degree of complexity of the final product.


Technical specification
  K06 M K06 L
Material type PE, EPE foam PE, EPE foam
Number of workstation 2 2
Max bonding size (W/L/H) [mm] 800 / 600 / 260  1200 / 600 / 300
Min top material thickness [mm] 10 10
Max working speed [s/cycle] 7 7
Installed electricial power [kW] 30 45
Rated Voltage [V] 400 400
Machine dimensions (W/L/H) [mm] 2740 / 2620 / 1980 3140 / 4160 / 2000