The device is designed for the automatic creation of transverse cuts on strips or plates made of foamed plastics. The depth of the cut is adjustable to adapt the process for the desired effect. 

This machine is equipped with a sharpening system designed by UNISTAR company. It automatically sharpens the knives in line with the programmable cycles, which significantly increases the durability of the knives and allows to maintain the ideal quality of the material cut all the time.

Technical specification
Material type
  • Foam PE, PP, EVA
  • XPE foam
Max material size - width 2000 mm
Max material size - height 50 mm
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) 2705 / 3625 / 1750 mm
Machine weight 1800 kg
Installed power 4 kW
Operating pressure 5 bar
Cutting element

rotary knives

Automatic sharpening yes