This machine is designed to remove scrap from plates cut out on a slicing press. The automation of the process considerably improves and shortens the welding work for polyethylene foam packaging. The scrap is transferred to one place via a receiving conveyor and can be directly transferred to a collective waste transport system, which makes production even more automated. The machine has replaceable flat bars as a plate support element, the position of which can be configured in any way. More demanding products can be supported by a supporting plate that is individually tailored to the product. The ejector is in the form of a board with steel pins, the position and quantity of which can be easily and freely configured in a 15x15mm grid. Thus, one ejector matrix can be used for all products, while reducing costs for individual tools.

Technical specification
Material type
  • PE foam
  • XPE foam
Number of workstations 1
Max plate size - width 1200 mm
Max plate size - lentgh 800 mm
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) 1925 / 2675 / 2370 mm
Machine weight 1600 kg
Installed power  
Operating presure 5 bar
Safety elements
  • two-handed control cassette
  • laser curtains