The ventilation chamber is a unit that can be used in the production plants manufacturing panels and elements made of foamed polyethylene. This allows to speed up the processes of gas exchange and cooling of the product, thus significantly reducing the total time of its seasoning. The chamber has 40 working shelves, 36 of which are active simultaneously, thus also providing an excellent production buffer. The input and output of the material are fully automated, and are carried out via input and output conveyor belts. For cooling, 4 large fans are evenly spaced in the working area. A state-of-the-art system of signalling the operating status as well as the possibility of process control thanks to the polycarbonate covers used significantly increase comfort and safety of use.

Technical specification
Material type
  • PE foam
  • XPE foam
Number of working shelves 40
Max plate size - width 600 mm
Max plate size - length 2800 mm
Max plate size - thickness 110 mm
Material input automatic
Material receipt automatic
Machine dimensions (L/W/H)

3730 / 4205 / 5480 mm

Machine weight 4800 kg
Electric power 7500 W