The investment involved the implementation of a cooling system for all process lines within one manufacturing hall. Due to the impossibility of stopping production, the project was carried out while the plant was working normally, and the time of connecting the plant to the technological lines was limited to minimum (less than 2 hours per line). The entire process was pre-launched and the cooling system tested.

This investment made it possible to replace the old, highly malfunctioning chilled water installation with a new, automated and highly efficient cooling system for process lines.

Technical specifications
Total installed cooling power

1 000 kW

Number of production lines to be operated


Number of circuits
  • 1 circuit - water
  • 2 circuits - glycol
Manufacturing technology Welded PE pipes
Tank 8 m3 buffer tank made of PE
Syste operation time 24h/day, 365d/year
Control Fully automatic system. Can be controlled from the dashboard or from the computer in the office
Control Automatic failure detection and support of system maintenance
Freecoling Yes

Return on investment

3 years*

*calculated only electricity savings

  • Investment course
  • Identification of customer needs
  • Complete installation design
  • Project implementation
    • Pipelines construction,
    • Construction of the buffer tank
    • Laying foundations for refrigeration units
    • Assembly of all components on site
    • Construction of the power supply and control system
    • delivery, assembly and start-up of refrigeration equipment,
    • the integration of 11 production lines into the new system